How fast can you publish a typical standard?

It depends on the number of pages and the complexity of the standard (e.g. number of tables, equations, graphics). However, rendering a 40-page document of reasonable complexity will normally take around 20 seconds.

Does publishing time matter?

We all know that developing good standards content takes time.  Usually a lot of time.  Does a few more minutes or hours waiting for the technology to publish the content matter?

It might not. However, faster publishing technology may help increase the productivity and satisfaction of your editorial team.  It may also enable you to develop more iterative workflows that, for example, enable authors and committees to see the results of their work in a more finished form during the authoring process.

How much does the Setare Publishing Service cost?

It would be best to contact us to discuss your specific requirements but publishing an unlimited number of pages costs $21,000 / year.

Do you support multiple languages?

We can publish NISO STS, ISO STS and DocBook content in any character set, including those for languages that are written from right to left.  However, our user interface and documentation is currently available in English.

What publishing technologies does your solution use?

We use a proven rendering engine from Antenna House and standard technologies (Java, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO) to create PDF's.  And, for EPUB and HTML, we use Java, XML, XSLT and CSS.

Can I integrate your service into my publishing workflow?

Of course!  We offer RESTful web service and API connections.